Internship Program at Digital Deepak.. The First Session

Internship Program at Digital Deepak.. The First Session


When someone says Digital Marketing Training the first thought comes in mind is you will be going to learn a lot of tools to do Digital Marketing. But this very first session was more about insights of marketing, setting up goals and making strategy to achieve those goals by using Digital Marketing.

The session was broadly divided into Goal Setting, Finding the niche that you can focus on, Tools to narrow down the niche and analyse the market trends and build up the strategies to achieve your goals. Also, the lesson has some introductory portion about global economics where insights were given about how economies work and what are the factors that affect the economy of any county. Consumer behaviour and purchasing patterns were also discussed during the session. There is no reason to worry about the recession as people will value for good products and services.

Deepak has elaborately talked about the importance of communication and ways to improve communication like listening to podcasts, listening to the news, etc. Better communication will get more confidence to stand out and help to sell more. The well said thought is “stronger will survive and weak will fail”.

There were multiple book recommendations given during the session which will be really helpful to deep dive into the world of economics, globalization, and advertisement.

The session also talked about finding the product or services that we can offer over digital platforms. There are three main categories that can be leveraged to generate more digital products e.g. Relationships, Health and Money. It gives the strategy to achieve a goal of 1 crore by selling 10000 rupees worth product to 1000 customers.  Integrated marketing can help us to achieve the desired digital marketing goals. It starts with generating content and engaging the customers along with the use of automation to build relationships with the customer. This approach will ultimately help to get more engagements and retain existing customers.

At the end of the session, Deepak has provided the details of tools that can be used to figure out the Niche, Market trends, finding keywords, etc. Tools that have been discussed are, google keyword, The overview was given for mind mapping tools and more information about the working of the funnel.

Session has given brief about personal branding and the importance of it during the journey of Digital Marking. The personal brand will help to make more connections with people and drive more business. Personal branding will help as it will work like a personal relationship to peoples with whom we are working.

Overall the session was not about only the digital stuff, it has gone into personal branding, communications, setting up goals, economics, and marketing. It covers most of the things that are required to marketing and finally using digital technology we can become a successful digital marketer.

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